SUN-DAC is a 32 years charity that provides day activity services to approximately 150 special needs persons at 3 centres, Bedok South, Choa Chu Kang and Upper Thomson. Majority of the beneficiaries are on financial aid and are unable to afford the programme and transport fees. As fund raising manager at SUN-DAC, I was struggling to raise awareness and funds in pandemic times and the charity was running at a deficit due to inability to organise fund raising mass events. Dr Tsu, my sponsor saw the potential of BNI network that SUN-DAC could tap on in various areas and the rest is history. SUN-DAC became the first charity to be sponsored into BNI Singapore. What I am truly grateful is how BNI members across all different chapters rallied around and gave the charity support in terms of purchase of goodies, ideas for fundraising, referrals for donations of cash and kind, skills-based volunteering and partnership links. More recently, BNI Future chapter rallied to provide a seed money and solved my issue of safe measures restrictions on mass fund raising events as well as providing a channel for donations and bring about awareness of SUN-DAC and social inclusion. As of today, the donations received have exceeded the seed money and I am still clocking in donations till the end of the game. BNI has enabled SUN-DAC to not only fund raise through unconventional methods, but awareness of SUN-DAC has improved tremendously. I have made many new friends across the different industries and chapters who do not hesitate to help. They are open, kind and generous in their time and energy to help the less fortunate in their own way. I am indeed grateful to BNI Singapore and the friends at BNI network as ‘We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.’ Sir Winston Churchhill.

Fanny Foo

Fund Raising Manager

My name is Alvin Yap, I am the owner of Asxence, a halal certified health supplement that is known to be the king of antioxidants and guardian of organs. I met Candy, my sponsor, during a Muay Thai session about a year ago. I accepted her invitation to attend her weekly Wed morning meeting with 50 business owners and the rest was history. It did not take long for me to decide to become part of the BNI global community of more than 287,000+ members because of extensive network that BNI provides. As part of the business development for my companies, I used to travel to more than 50 cities across the world. While covid19 disrupted these travel frequencies, I was able to connect with decision makers across 70 countries through the extensive global network that BNI provides. BNI's core value of Givers Gain is simple and powerful. I find joy in connecting with lots of business owners and referring businesses to them and in return, I have received lots of referrals and closed businesses too. If you are looking to network and grow your businesses exponentially, look no further than BNI.

Alvin Yap

Proud Member of BNI Matrix

My name is Juliet Thong, I have been helping my husband whom is the 2nd generation of Kim’s Place Seafood Restaurant a heritage brand since 1965 famous in Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee and black pepper crab. We have varieties of seafood and definitely our signature Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee. My friend Grace has been inviting me to visit Crescendo, I kept putting it off as I am not a morning person and getting up so early for a networking meeting? That’s not my cup of tea. Grace did not give up and kept sharing with me the perks of BNI. Finally, I relented and decided to visit and see how good it can be. First visit I was very impressed with the organised meeting, and I signed up after the 2nd visit. My husband joined another chapter 9 months before I visit and I saw the impact it has on our business. I have been going to other networking groups before, so I thought it’s just another networking session. But upon visiting, I like the vibes and importantly that the meeting is run by following a structed agenda. Every week meeting members, doing 1 to 1 and meeting new people really bring business opportunities to the members. Members are willing to share their ideas and help one another. Before business opportunities we need to build relationship among members, creating visibility , credibility and lastly profitability. BNI is not just a networking platform. It creates the opportunities for business and potential collaborations.

Juliet Thong

Proud Member of BNI Crescendo

I am Daryl, a principal consultant with Ardent Safety Consultancy. We specialised in assisting our clients with bizSAFE certification, ISO certifications and compliance to the Workplace Safety and Health regulations. In 2019, I was involved in a project that involves engaging 300 companies to create awareness in Workplace Safety and Health requirements and assisting them to come onboard the bizSAFE community. When COVID-19 came, I was under a lot of stress as I will still need about 50 companies in under less than a month to complete the KPI of 300 companies. Kenny of CSCT extended his help to me by referring me to about 20 business owners from BNI Singapore where majority of them signed up for the engagement programme which is contributed greatly to our success of achieving the KPI by that month end. I was subsequently invited by Kenny to experience a BNI meeting and I like the way on how the meeting was structured and also the vibes experienced during the meeting. In particular, Yanwen who was the mentor coordinator then was very professional and made me felt that I can contribute and how BNI Esprit can help me excel in my business. I signed up as a member on my subsequent visit as a visitor. I am honoured to take on the role of the VP during my 2nd year of my membership. During my term as the VP, I had the opportunity to work closely with SDC Frederick and the Leadership Team at BNI HQ whom provided guidance on how to bring the Esprit to greater heights. It was during this time where I forged strong relationship with my fellow chapter members and the leadership team. In BNI, I had grown as an individual and my business. With support from my chapter members, and the resources provided by BNI, I had widen my business network of professionals and some had become my close friends.

Daryl Ong

Proud Member of BNI Esprit

Your personal network provides an intricate form of connections, collaborations and commencement of different business spheres. As the Executive Chairman of a Public Listed company, Travelite Holdings core function is investing in different business models. Namely; Management of lifestyle brands, seafood business, logistics, apparels, entertainment and hospitality. After joining BNI, I noticed a growing trend of new entrepreneurs who are passionate in building their businesses but lack certain form of resources. This prompted me to share my own connected resources with them through different business collaborations which are mutually beneficial and ultimately forging a new business perspective. This is why BNI Singapore is an important platform for business owners like myself, to connect to different like-minded entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

T.J. Thang

Proud Member of BNI Zenith

“Tricia, did you hear it? I turned my head to look at the lady lying on the bed and replied: “What is it?” The lady smiled and continued “I just farted. I m so happy, I want to tell my daughter”. To many of us, it sound like a random joke, but it was a considered a great relief to the lady who had been diagnosed to be at the terminal stage of her cancer and had been suffering from persistent bloated stomach. I m grateful that my BNI member had given me the referral where I could help her. And it became my inspiration to continue with the journey after 4 years because doing something unique can be tiring and support from other business owners are important. I have many stories that I wish to share. Through BNI’s extensive network, I have also begin teaching Just Seifu classes in Indonesia to overcome learners overcome insomnia. In one instance, a learner managed to add 3 hours of sleep after attending the classes. BNI matrix is a pillar for me to continue with my passions. BNI Matrix is a place of togetherness to continue and achieve our mission and purpose in our life. Thank You BNI Matrix.

Tricia Tee

Proud Member of BNI Matrix

I am Alvin Lee from BNI Prosperity representing Catering. I am the second-gen owner in my family-owned business, Kian Seng Culinary, a known caterer for catering to temple events or food for bereavements. My sponsor is Julie, whom i had known for a few years and i accepted her invitation to attend her weekly Friday morning meeting with then a small group of business owners as we were in the midst of setting up a new chapter. I saw the extensive network that BNI provides and it was an eye opener. Some questions that went through my head was that "there must be some guiding principles that brings everyone together", "perhaps i can learn something from it too", etc. Covid-19 hits us shortly after that but i was able to make use of the time at home to attend more zoom courses in BNI. I was also able to connect to other chapters members to exchange information with one another. I really like BNI's core value; Givers Gain. This is something i have been practising even before joining BNI as i find joy in referring business to my peers and also if I were to refer business to them, they may refer business to me one day, even if it might not be now. All in all, I am very thankful to have join BNI and meet so many wonderful and awesome leaders from different industries; sharing all their experiences and giving me the chance to learn from all these experiences.

Alvin Lee

Proud Member of BNI Prosperity

Royal Wings Travel achieved many awards and it was on 2 digit growth year on year not until Pandemic hit. Tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, I am grateful that I have a group of givers gain members in my Chapter who supported me in many ways.

In particularly, I have a member in my chapter who shared with her husband working in a MNC about my SRV Island Yacht Tour programme. That’s how I got connected with the company’s HR who is in charge for the company recreation program. Long story short, Royal Wings was awarded for the project and this connection got me a total of 500 people with a done deal amount of $40k. It is truly amazing.

Honestly, I really cannot imagine where I would be without BNI especially tough time like this. To whoever is reading this, don’t leave BNI, stay around at least 2 years. You don’t know when you need BNI. Build relationship and do proper 121. Developing relationships that last, is a long term commitment. Some relationships will develop quickly, while others take years. The key to ensuring you are building a strong foundation for years is putting in the time and effort needed to establish trust and reliability. I hope to connect with more BNI members, build stronger relationships, a strong network and finally a stronger me!

Diana Ho

Proud Member of BNI Crescendo

I am Leon Lim. You might have seen me on MasterChef Singapore Season 2 and on SPOP! Wave. I am currently the owner of Halal Café Joint, Creatr; representing the Trade of Celebrity Chef. I am also a proud BNI Synergy Member for the past 4 years!.

I first joined BNI Synergy, representing my parents’ business in the trade of Picture Framing. Over the past 4 years, I have had the honour of meeting many like-minded bosses who are driven, passionate and, most importantly, very giving. They embody the true spirit of Givers Gain, a value which we as BNI Members hold to heart dearly. I am very thankful for my fellow BNI Synergy Members for their undying support during the difficult times in 2021, as they continue to support my business when I was adapting to my new schedule and lifestyle due to opportunities arising from my participation in media work.

I have also been very blessed to have found reliable business partners in my chapter and took the leap of faith to embark on a totally new career path, changing my trade and opening a café. With the trust and faith from my fellow member, owner of Three’s A Crowd Café, Mr. Ang Yit Tat, we successfully became business partners and opened our café, Creatr., from scratch in a mere 1 month. This is not possible without the help and services from fellow BNI Synergy Members representing trades ranging from food supplies to renovation works. In the past 4 years, I have also learnt many valuable lessons and skills from the experience of my fellow members and gained true friends along the way. I treasure the various strong relationships I have forged over the years and am grateful for the unconditional support that I have received.

Go Synergy!

Leon Lim

Proud Member of BNI Synergy

I am Loh Jing Han, from The Soy Company Pte Ltd, providing quality Fresh Soy Milk as both a beverage or an ingredient to Mr Bean, SAF, Koufu, Soup Restaurant, Dian Xiao Er and various other chain restaurants. Joining BNI has thus far been an eye opener for me as I get to interact with many business owners from many different industries. The culture in BNI is a very positive and conducive culture where everyone come in with an open heart to share actively, be it their experiences or resources.

What I treasure most is the chance to do 1-to-1 with my chapter members or other BNI members where I get to spend time with all these esteemed business owners and learn from them. My sponsor was Florence Choo whom I am grateful for as she has always been actively looking out for me and my business, personally introducing me to new opportunities. In BNI, you will not only find referrals for your business, but also find a lot of driven and like-minded business owners who are keen to share and help, even on your first encounter with them.

Loh Jin Han

I have just renewed my BNI membership after being in for 1 year. It has been a meaningful journey for my business and for me personally as well. Being a new entrepreneur is never easy. I am thankful for the guidance and assistance I have gained from my BNI Ultimate members. The Giver’s Gain philosophy is truly practiced as we constantly try to grow each other’s business. For example, Vasu, who is my President, takes some time out from his corporate training to talk about health screening and promotes my services to them.

Jonathon, who was the Head of Operations at the time, presented me with an opportunity and connected me with Nicholas from BNI Affinity and we became a Power Team, handled a MOH project together and I scored the biggest deal for my business.

I have seen first-hand how BNI works from the top down. It never stops trying to help the businesses of their members. In BNI, I have not only gained mentors and business partners, I have also forged good friendships with a lot of like-minded people. So when it came to renewing my membership, I never had a doubt and did not have to think twice.

Thank you BNI and of course my heart-felt thanks to my BNI Ultimate!

Muhsin Bin Aziz

Proud Member of BNI Ultimate

I am Darren Benger, Managing Director of VivATA Pte Ltd, an architectural practice. As a professional Architect registered by the Board of Architects, Singapore, I act as a ‘qualified person’ (QP) to submit development and building plans to authorities for approval. My practice also provides a full range of architectural services, including architectural design, contract administration and project management.

Beside adding value through my approach to QP services, I also specialise in construction law and dispute resolution, including to act as an expert witness in court cases and arbitrations.

I joined BNI Prestige about 2 years ago after attending a chapter networking event. What struck me during the event was the systematic approach that BNI takes to networking. Under the BNI system, networking is not a hit-and-miss affair. Rather, the BNI system is premised on targeted referrals, leading to efficiencies and effectiveness. This augurs well to meet potential new clients and to close business deals.

Another impressive aspect of BNI Prestige is the diversity of trades represented. This has provided me with a wealth of different perspectives in ways of doing business. My own approach to business has developed appreciably because of this.

Darren Benger

Proud Member of BNI Prestige

I am Grace from Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape Pte Ltd. We are a homegrown 5-generation family business. Our main portfolio is providing floral and greenscape services to the hospitality sector locally and in the region. Our production house is located in Punggol. We recently launched Singapore’s first Experiential Garden Centre at Simei where we regularly host floral workshops and monthly markets showcasing local SMEs. I have been in BNI since 2006 and I have never looked back since I joined. I vividly remember raising my hand in the middle of my very first BNI meeting and asking for an application form, I am grateful to be part of the LT and am currently presiding Omega chapter. The BNI platform provides many credible business contacts that allows me to forge long lasting business relationships, many that has spanned over a decade. It has also helped me grow my network tremendously over the time I have been part of BNI and i am still growing the network every week. I am most grateful for the support given by my BNI members during the pandemic where majority of businesses are going through dark times and trying to transform and pivot to stay sustainable. BNI’s core values and philosophy of Givers’ Gain enabled countless to grow and better their businesses as well as to educate many to adopt positive entrepreneurism and inculcate the attitude for lifelong learning. With the latest developments on the BNI platform, the trainings and cross borders opportunities are greatly enhanced and many many members have shared their encouraging testimonials. This is extremely valuable especially when physical borders are closed due to the pandemic. I am still very grateful and appreciative of the collaborations birthed from being on the BNI platform. Even after 16 years.


Proud Member of BNI Omega

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