Our network is our networth. Being a national athlete and a personal trainer for the past 5 years, I spent most of my time in the gym or the track. I asked myself, what kind of a man will I become in the next 5 years if I continue what I was doing, and it sounded like a path of stagnation and low growth. I didn’t like the sound of that and when my buddies, Adam and Jonathan, reached out to me to join BNI, I did. Upon joining BNI, my view of the world changed. I meet people from all several industries, grew in knowledge and met the most sincere of entrepreneurs. It’s a great place to be in. Learning from one another and being a part of Matrix has helped my company revenue grow by 60% while working the same number of hours. Now, I’m a national athlete that has the resources to support my ambition. Matrix, you the bomb!

Benny Lam National Athlete & Trainer


Joining BNI has been the best decision I made. It has helped my business grow and It provided me with access to many committed business owners of various trade worldwide. I also expand my ability as a leader during my term as Secretary Treasurer.

Warda Shariff BNI Synergy Chapter


I'm Stacey Lwin from Raffles chapter. I am a financial services director representing finexis advisory. I was invited to BNI izaq and the structure impressed me and philosophy of giver's gain resonated with my own values. So I decided to find a chapter to join. I am blessed to join BNI Raffles. BNI has a supportive culture and many opportunities were given to me. I am blessed to be part of the National trainer team. My passion to pursue a speaking career has also became a reality, as my chapter member connected me. Now I am able to speak to 200-300 Dr and nurses. I truly am grateful to BNI. Thank you

Stacey Lwin
Raffles chapter


2 years into my business, I realised jobs are coming in at a slower and irregular pace. I knew I had to do something. A chance meeting with an ex-schoolmate allowed me to experience the BNI networking meeting, demonstrating the power of Givers Gain in referrals passing. I knew BNI was the ‘thing’ I was looking for. I thought to myself, how bad can it be? My business will not become bad. Even if nothing changes, I will be fine. Boy was I wrong. Everything changed! I was not looking for business anymore. My members refers business to me. I dressed differently, because my ED said I needed to dress up to up my game and business. I speak a lot better, got rid of pause fillers, just by having to do weekly presentations! I was constantly looking for more ways to improve myself, improve the chapter, give back to the members and chapter. I went for more trainings and workshops, all because, I knew that one day, I want to be a trainer and give back to BNI, BNI members.

Desmond Teo Director, IT Consultancy IT Answers Pte Ltd


I was an entrepreneur for 14 years before joining BNI. I had an education business before becoming a Feng Shui Master professionally. My biggest challenge was having a business system to manage my overseas branches. What appealed to me was BNI allows me to learn and grow my business with like-minded entrepreneurs. To me BNI is a experiential business school that I am practicing everyday

Sherwin Tng Director Consultant BNI Abundance


Hi, I’m Kevin Wong. I’m a lawyer and director of Ella Cheong, a boutique intellectual property law firm, and I’ve been Synergy Chapter’s IP lawyer for almost two and half years, focusing mainly on trade mark rights protection and management for businesses. Over the past decades of the Ella Cheong brand, our work has largely come from foreign MNCs, SMEs and law firms, and so I joined BNI seeking to reach out better to local businesses with IP needs, as traditional networking was becoming a tired name card collecting affair, and our profession bars us from traditional sales methods such as cold calls and door-to-door marketing. In short, the opportunity to join BNI came a second time round by chance thanks to my sponsor, recruiter Zac Ng. And the rest is history: suddenly I got connected to entrepreneurs from diverse trades, and was welcomed into the vibrant hive of Singapore’s commercial and industrial community; take my visit to Quek Qiwen’s CCTV business for example.

Kevin Wong Lawyer and Director Ella Cheong


My name is Imran Mohamad. I'm just over a year old in BNI. I run The Leverage Group, specialising in generating leads and sales for business on social media. I joined BNI for 2 reasons, firstly to connect with and help more traditional and retail businesses, and secondly to have support around me, as I noticed I am an expert in only one area and need insight and resources around everything else. Bottom-line, I multiplied my first year investment by more than 200 times. More importantly I have built around me close friends and partners I can count on, in good times and bad, and this is what I treasure most!

Imran Mohamad
BNI Matrix Chapter

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